When a person experiences hearing loss hearing aids will likely be needed. Not only do hearing aids work to amplify sound, but they make everyday living much more convenient. Several hearing aids on the market offer different features. A popular hearing aid choice is the in-the-canal (ITC) style. These provide users many benefits such as comfort and powerful sound amplification.

What Are ITC Hearing Aids?

ITC hearing aids are in the canal devices that help those experiencing mild to moderate hearing loss. They are small and more powerful than ITEs, which are worn in the ear bowl as opposed to the canal. 

They are custom designed and sculpted by audiologists to fit just inside the ear canal, with a small portion sitting outside of the canal. The small section that sits outside of the canal is for ease of use. 

The ITC is a popular device due to its power and long battery life. Unlike smaller devices, the ITC hearing aids can fit larger batteries to offer users up to 7 days of power. 

Who Are ITC Hearing Aids For?

ITC hearing aids are best suited to those experiencing mild to moderate hearing loss. Due to the powerful amplifying features inside the device, they are great for reducing wind noise and picking up noises in quiet or loud environments. 

As they have a small attachment that sits in the ear bowl, they are easy to move in and out of the ear. Thus, no matter if you are new or experienced with hearing aids, they are convenient and offer all-day comfort. 

They are available as wireless devices, as well as telecoil. This means younger users who would like to connect them to their mobile devices can with the wireless technology. Alternatively, those with telecoil needs and would like more traditional functions can have that option. 

What are the Pros and Cons of ITC Hearing Aids?

ITC hearing aids have many benefits. Seeing as they are the most popular hearing aid device, let’s take a closer look at the advantages. 

Firstly, they are ideal for those who want discretion and comfort. The small yet powerful device is not entirely visible, yet is easy to take in and out due to its positioning. The device is large enough to house a long-life battery, which offers users a longer battery life than small devices. 

The positioning of the ITC hearing aid means that wind noise is limited. Yet, the powerful amplifier circuit enhances the smallest of sounds, which makes everyday life feel normal.

The main downside to ITC hearing aids is that they require a larger dexterity or good vision. Those with dexterity or vision issues may find using ITC’s difficult. 

ITC’s are considered to be the most popular among the hearing aids available. This is due to their comfort, discretion, power, long battery life, and all-around convenience. For those that experience mild to moderate hearing loss, the ITC hearing aid style may be best for you.