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Helping Guide You On Your Unique Journey Toward Improved Hearing Health 

Our audiologists use ‘Best Practices’ and the latest technology to evaluate and treat your hearing issues. They will demonstrate to you why exceptional quality is vital, not only for the hearing aids, but for the professionals providing the care. Successfully treating hearing loss is a process, not just a product. Our highly experienced audiologists, Dr. Campbell and Dr. Gautereaux work with you to retrain your brain how to hear well again.


Patient Testimonials

This place is awesome! From the caring staff to the relaxed atmosphere. Dr. Campbell really listened to me and was very caring. Ally (office puppy) was there to comfort. I would have given Dr. Campbell’s office 10 stars if I could.
– Johnny F.

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You will take confidence in the fact that your hearing aids are personalized to include your preferences and the fit is verified using Real Ear measures. They will meet your individual needs and desires.

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Our Comprehensive Services

Using the Latest Technology to Evaluate and Treat Your Hearing Loss

You will take confidence in the fact that your hearing aids are personalized to include your preferences. They will meet your individual needs. All fittings are verified using Real Ear Measurements taken near the eardrum. This confirms that your hearing aids are performing as expected.

Your Audiologist will explain all aspects related to using and caring for your hearing aids. She will let you know what to expect, even letting you hear what it will sound like to wear hearing aids before you purchase them. She will support you in your use of amplification for years to come.

Comprehensive Services

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Helping Carson City, Nevada
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We look forward to helping you and your family with all of your hearing healthcare needs. Schedule your appointment today with our helpful staff and hear the difference we can make in your hearing health.

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