Speech Mapping


What is Speech Mapping?

Speech mapping, also called Real Ear Measures, is a verification method used to ensure your hearing aids are programmed specifically for your ears.  A small microphone placed in the ear canal measures the sound coming from the hearing aid near the eardrum.  It measures the effect your ear canal has on the sound and then corrects the prescription as needed. Each person’s ears are unique.  Unless Real Ear measurements are taken, the fitting cannot be considered accurate.  Not all hearing care providers perform this process.  It is part of ‘Best Practices’.

Benefits of Speech Mapping:

  • Provides immediate and tangible results
  • Shown to increase patient satisfaction
  • Increases your confidence and comfort in using your new hearing aids
  • Provides more accurate programming of hearing aids

Speech mapping is truly a wonderful technology. Contact our office to find out how speech mapping will provide you with a more accurate, more natural sounding experience.