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In my mid-fifties my ability to hear began to diminish significantly, so much so that my daughter-in-law declared “TV Ears” would be my next birthday gift as I was constantly asking everyone to repeat what they had just said. Reading the Nevada Appeal in February 2011, I noticed Dr. Nanci Campbell’s offer for a free hearing screening. I decided to take advantage of that opportunity. Dr. Campbell determined that I indeed would benefit from hearing aids. And so, seven and a half years later, I am still seeing Dr. Campbell for all my hearing-related needs: annual evaluations, device checks and updates. I have always found Dr. Campbell and her receptionist, Karla, to be extremely competent, accommodating, and friendly. I am always pleased to refer potential patients to Dr. Campbell as I know they, too, will have a good experience.

Sandra R

She’s a pro. Knows what she’s doing. Explains everything. Makes sure you are in a better place than before. She works with you. I wouldn’t go to anyone else. I trust her. Going to her for at least 16 years. Thank you.

Edith T

You are a star! You have made life so much better. Thank you so much.

Bob Toombes

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the wonderful help you provided to me. Your professional and courteous approach to hearing loss issues is very much appreciated

Robert Crowell, Carson City.

Hello, World!! Where do I start? I’ve had a hearing loss for approximately 50 years until recently. I’ve had the opportunity for that to be corrected with the result of hearing aids, and mostly, the professionalism of Dr. Nanci Campbell, Audiologist.

The first morning after receiving my hearing aids, I was sitting in my living room and heard the “ticking” of my wall clock on the other side of the room. It was so amazing I wanted to call someone to let them know my new experience most of us take for granted.

Every step of the evaluation process, fitting, and adjusting, was with total confidence on Dr. Campbell’s part. One could tell that she was a true professional and was never in doubt for any of the process. I have already recommended her to a close friend of mine and would highly recommend her to anyone who is hearing impaired. She is only a phone call away to resolve any questions or problems one might incur with an excellent office staff standing by. Why did I wait so long? Thank you for “listening.”

– Bob M.

I have been a very satisfied patient of Dr. Nanci Campbell ever since the late 1990’s starting with “simple” hearing aids and progressing now to state of the art hearing aids as my hearing gradually declined. Through over 15 years she has always had the right answer, quickly handled warranty issues and has often gone out of her way to be very helpful. I recommend her highly and if you would like more information feel free to call me at 775-588-2536.

– Jim Beattie

I have been using hearing devices for about three years now, and it wasn’t until I visited Dr. Campbell that I truly valued the devices that I use and my life has substantially changed since. Nanci encouraged me to take pride in hearing, instead of concentrating on the vanity of using a hearing device. She made me very confident in wearing them. They allow me to hear the leaves moving in the wind, hear the water when I walk my dog, and allow me the luxury of making memories, laughing and talking with my family and friends. I no longer have irritating background noise or feedback squeal with my aids, it is almost like having super ears! My experience with the office, staff and Nanci herself was also life changing. It is remarkable to see people so interested in changing and improving one individual’s quality of life. I continue to see Nanci despite her new practice being located in Carson City, I would not settle for service less than hers! She is always willing to assist in any way. I am proud to recommend her services to anyone who is struggling and feels the need to improve their life. I will always be grateful for all of her efforts

– Jim C- South Lake Tahoe

What a difference my hearing aids have made to the quality of my life. I am now able to hear the giggles of my newest grandson, the individual voices of people in meetings and parties and I am not driving my husband and kids crazy saying “what did you say?” Unlike the old fashioned aids that I tried, these hearing aids are so small and comfortable I forget I have them on. How can I ever thank you?

– Genevieve F- Carson City, NV

When I picked up my new hearing aids my life completely changed. There were some things I had never heard before; raindrops on the windshield, background noises, my car blinker, leaves crunching, gravel under my sneakers as I walked, wind, birds chirping, a page turning, aluminum foil, and the list goes on. During the first week I was told many times by my co-workers, “Robert, your mouth is open”. I couldn’t get over all the new sounds. I could stand facing away from people and hear all the conversations clearly. That truly shocked me. I never went through a period of wanting to rip these hearing aids out because of all the noise. On the contrary, I never wanted to take them out. If I could shower and sleep with them I would! My quality of life has improved beyond description. With hearing loss I was withdrawn. You tend to be if you can’t really hear. This is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I now feel involved in the world. My own voice is new. I hear each pronunciation. Incredible. I am so grateful to Dr. Campbell for all her professional guidance, knowledge, compassion and understanding. The best times of my life have just begun.

– Robert M- Gardnerville, NV