Hearing Aid Repair

We offer in-house and manufacturer repairs.

How to take care of hearing aids

A nightly cleaning will go a long way in extending the life of hearing aids. This gets rid of wax and other debris that may have built up on the devices. You should wipe them off with a dry cloth and/or hearing aid wipes every night after wearing them to help remove any excess wax. Even though the devices are water-resistant, there is still a chance of damage if exposed to too much moisture. Keeping the devices on the charger or in a case at night is always a wise decision.

What causes hearing devices to malfunction?

Hearing aids break down for multiple reasons. When earwax or dirt gets into the openings of the device, sound clarity and functions are significantly affecteed. When not cleaned for extended periods of time, the damage becomes irreversible. Other causes of malfunction are less likely, but still pose a different set of problems.  At the very least, not maintaining the device by cleaning it nightly will cause malfunction of all the vital processes.

Repair options

A simple cleaning can remedy the most common problems with hearing aids. This is the recommended step provided by audiologists when explaining the maintenance of a new hearing device. You should avoid home repairs that go beyond a cleaning, as this can cause more problems than the original issue if not appropriately addressed. Onsite and manufacturer repairs take care of more complex issues. Depending on the damage, some onsite repairs are handled within the same day. Proper maintenance and care can prevent users from having to give up their device.