With there being various hearing loss levels, there are hearing aids to suit the levels and needs of every individual. Some require the highest level of sound amplification whereas others prefer more discreet devices. For those that prefer devices less visible to others and are almost completely discreet, you may want to consider completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aids. 

What Are CIC Hearing Aids?

CIC hearing aids stand for completely in canal. This refers to their positioning. The CIC hearing aids sit completely in the canal of the ear, which means they are pretty small devices. These devices are pretty invisible to the outside world. The only way they are visible is if someone looks directly into your ear. They offer users discretion and convenience. 

Audiologists custom fit the CIC hearing aids to each individual ear. The shape and size of ear canals differ from person to person, thus the custom sculpting will ensure the device offers maximum hearing amplification and comfort. 

The custom design mold will also ensure that the device does not move around the ear when the user is wearing it. It will also be easy to take in and out for convenience and safety. 

As the CIC hearing aid sits completely in the canal of the ear, they allow the ear to function pretty much as normal. The outer ear will be able to funnel sounds into the eardrum. Thus, the job of a CIC hearing aid is to amplify the sounds that the outer ear funnels in.

Who Are CIC Hearing Aids For?

Seeing as there are various levels of hearing loss, there are devices to suit all needs. The CIC hearing aids are best for mild to moderate hearing loss. As they are smaller devices, sound amplification is not as effective as BTE hearing aids. Thus, they are better for milder cases of hearing loss. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of CIC Hearing Aids?

Aside from CIC hearing aids being almost invisible and discreet, there are other pros of this style of the device. 

As CIC hearing aids sit far down in the ear canal, they allow the ear to function as normally as possible. The device allows outside sounds to enter the ear, thus the user will be able to detect which direction sounds are coming from. This provides wearers with a natural sound experience. The custom design of the CIC hearing aid offers users complete comfortability and convenience. 

Smaller hearing aids are limited in battery life and features. Thus, the CIC hearing aids require more maintenance and have limited controls. Most CIC hearing aids have basic controls. For extra controls, users can use remote control. However, this can be inconvenient and hinder the discretion of the hearing aid. 

However, with advancements in technology, it can be possible to connect CIC hearing aids to your mobile phone. From there, users can utilize the extra controls more discreetly.

Overall, CIC hearing aids are ideal for those with mild to moderate hearing loss looking for a discreet device. They offer all-day comfort due to their custom molding and positioning.