Hearing loss levels range from mild to severe. Due to the range in levels, there are various types of hearing aids to suit different needs. For those who experience mild-to-profound hearing loss, the most suitable choice of hearing aid is behind the ear (BTE).

What Are BTE Hearing Aids?

BTE hearing aids stand for behind the ear. The name refers to the positioning of which the hearing aid is worn. In this case, they are worn behind the ear. 

This style of hearing aid offers the most sound amplification due to the location in which they sit on the ear. BTE hearing aid devices are in two parts. The main part is the hearing aid tech itself, which is on the end of a tube and sits within the ear canal. The second part is its assistant case arm, which sits behind the ear and molds its shape. 

The outer case contains a microphone that picks up external sounds. The sound is then transmitted through the case and down the tube into the ear canal.

Why are they Best for Severe Hearing Loss?

The reason for BTE hearing aids being best for severe hearing loss is due to their external microphone. The microphone can detect the smallest of sounds, which can be amplified into the ear canal so that the person can hear them. 

Due to their larger size, they are able to house more features, which is necessary for severe hearing loss. Most house cutting edge technology to ensure that all sounds can be detected and amplified. 

The larger device can also house larger batteries, which offers users longer life. This means they can be worn for longer and require less charging, offering convenience and comfort. Although they are larger in size than other hearing aids, they can be very small and not too obvious. Over the years, the design of BTE hearing aids has become more discreet and minimal. 

What are the Pros and Cons of BTE Hearing Aids?

With the BTE hearing aid being the most suitable for severe hearing loss, they offer many benefits. The most obvious benefit is that they are better at detecting and amplifying smaller sounds. They are more powerful and provide convenience for those that experience the highest levels of hearing loss. 

Additionally, the BTE hearing aids are accessible for everyone. As they come in various sizes and shapes, audiologists can fit them to any size or shape ear. Due to their larger size, they can offer longer battery life and are easier to take on and off the ear. Thus, they are suitable for any age and need.

As you can take them in and out easier, they make day-to-day living more convenient, comfortable, and also means they are easier to keep clean. 

The only downside is their size, which is not as discreet as other types of hearing aid. Yet, they are best for those experiencing severe hearing loss and will provide you the best sound amplification for an easier life.