Hearing aids are not infallible objects that will never break. In fact, hearing aids can break easily and if that’s the case for yours, it can help to know how to troubleshoot issues before you speak to your audiologist about a problem. If you have damaged your hearing aids and you are looking for hearing aid repairs, you should consider that you have to ensure that your hearing aids are working correctly for them to be effective. 

Before you go ahead and schedule that appointment, you should think about what your audiologist taught you in your initial appointment. It’s in this appointment that they likely went ahead and told you all about the ways that you can fix your hearing aids if there is a problem. Hearing aid repairs don't have to be impossible, not when there are things that you can do to ensure that your hearing aids are running properly! Below, we’ve put together everything that you need to know about troubleshooting issues you could be having with your hearing aids.

Check the Battery

Hearing aids are equipped with tiny batteries, but these aren't designed to last forever. The batteries do need to be changed and you should be on top of this if you want to ensure that your hearing is working the way that it should be. The way in which you check your batteries will depend on your exact device, so check over the instructions that your audiologist gave you when you got your hearing aids in the first place. Sometimes, a change of batteries can fix whatever the issue is with your hearing aids in no time at all.

Give Them A Clean

We each have wax in our ears that keep our ear canals clean and free of debris. If you have the style of hearing aids that have plastic tubes that connect the two pieces of the device together, then the first thing that you should do is check for wax build up and see whether your hearing aids are clean enough in the first place. Be very careful with this, though, as hearing aids are exceptionally delicate and a heavy hand can be devastating to the smaller parts of the hearing aid.

Check Your Settings

When was the last time that you checked the settings for your hearing aids? Your audiologist would have shown you which one to use to make your hearing aids work correctly. Get the right setting for your specific environment in place and this should solve your problem easily. A simple settings change can make the difference between whether your hearing aids are working or not.

The Hearing Aids Have Changed

If you have recently upgraded your hearing aids, then you may find that a new device is harder to use and this means talking over your hearing aid repairs with your audiologist to know how to do them properly. Your hearing aid repairs should be straightforward, but the best person to ask is your audiologist!