Audiology is a profession in which it is beneficial to everyone at any age to have regular screening and check to make sure things are running as they should. Audiologists are normally only contacted once an issue arises and people are looking for answers or treatment, it is very different to someone like a dentist who you always see regularly and from a young age, so when the time comes where you may want or need to speak to or be referred to an audiologist you maybe have no clue where to begin.

It can sometimes be difficult to find an audiologist as their offices are not based in a lot of locations and conveniently near your home. Although challenging there are other ways you can find an audiologist. There are a few great ways that you can locate the right audiologist to help you with your hearing, tinnitus and balance issues.

Look Online 

One of the first ways you cannot locate an audiologist is through the internet. Like any other business, most audiologists will have a website these days. These websites will explain a bit about them, what their services are and will allow you to find out information about the business and find location information on where the office is based. Most of these websites will be able be located by a simple search on google or through social media. It is important that when you are looking for an audiologist that you read the reviews that they have this will give you a clearer and more transparent idea of who the audiologist is and if they are suited for you.

Online Physicians Referral 

If you feel that you are having issues with balance or tinnitus due to hearing loss or even a build-up of wax that is affecting your hearing or causing discomfort you can speak to your normal doctor who can refer you to one in your area. The only downfall of this way is that you cannot research them beforehand and make sure there won’t be any issues. 

Due to the nature of doctor's jobs, they have experience in some form of working with and alongside audiologists. So, your doctor will be able to make a judgment call and recommend an audiologist to you with their previous interactions, patient feedback and experience in mind. Your doctor will be very familiar with your health, concerns and wellbeing so you will know they will want to help and make sure you have the best care from other professionals. 

Word of Mouth 

One of the other ways to find an audiologist is a way that most people find new people to work with or seek guidance from. That way is of course from recommendations from your loved ones. You are more likely to take the advice of family and friends rather than from looking on the internet. So, if any of your family have needed or currently have an audiologist you can speak to them and see if they would recommend them for you.