Once in a while, you will likely experience issues with your hearing aids, such as decreased sound quality, staining or perhaps poor fit. You are confronted with one question when you begin to experience some of these challenges; should you get your hearing devices repaired or replaced completely?

While there is no straightforward answer to this, audiologists have generally advised replacing your hearing aids after every three to five years. However, your audiologists will consider several factors, including the age of your device, style and function, to determine the hearing solutions.  

How old are your hearing aids?

Have you been using your hearing aid for over five years? It is then time to consider getting another pair. For the most part, your listening circumstances may have changed, so you may benefit from acquiring a new set.

However, this decision should be contingent on the reason behind your hearing device. Should your device be relatively new and you don’t require any additional features, it may be well too soon to replace your hearing aids. Therefore, it is cheaper and practical to have your hearing aids repaired while your audiologists walk you through the cycle.

How often do you repair your hearing aids?

Are your hearing aids malfunctioning consistently? This may be a sign that your devices have aged and it’s time to upgrade to newer technology. Accordingly, you might need to change your hearing aid with a different make or model so you can keep using it without having to visit your audiologist often. When your audiologist realizes your devices fail regularly, they will recommend an appropriate replacement.

Do your hearing aids fit?

Hearing aids are specially made to fit your ears, but that doesn’t mean you may need some adjustments from time to time. Your audiologist will work closely with you to ensure your devices fit comfortably into your ear and that you don’t experience any sound distortion or discomfort.  

Is your hearing aid performing as expected?

When you are experiencing issues with your hearing aid, you will typically consult your audiologist. Despite this, if you are conversing with your audiologist about features lacking in your current hearing aid, then you might want to change your hearing aid for an improved hearing experience. For example, suppose your current hearing aid doesn’t function very well when you are on the phone or listening to music. In that case, you should consider speaking to your audiologists about available options.

BTE, ITE or ITC styles are complex devices that make it easier to understand and communicate. Whether you are considering repairs or a complete replacement, it is essential to contact a reliable audiologist.