The new Galaxy Theatre at the Casino Fandango and Dr. Nanci Campbell, a local audiologist, have partnered to provide an induction loop system for movie-goers who wear hearing aids. This is the first movie theatre in the area to have this important technology which is installed in each auditorium. It is accessed by placing the hearing aids in the "T" or telecoil setting. When activated, the hearing aid wearer hears the movie directly and clearly through the hearing aids, with no additional body worn devices and with no background interference. It greatly enhances the movie experience for those who wear amplification!

Movie theaters can be difficult listening environments for those with hearing loss. This is due to the reverberation that can be present, the distance from the speakers, and other noises in the room. With the induction loop system installed, the sound is generated right in the speakers of the hearing aids. The volume is consistent anywhere in the auditorium and there is no ambient noise because the microphones in the hearing aid can be turned off.

The technology works through the creation of a very low level magnetic signal that is transmitted in the auditorium and received by the hearing aids. It requires a small wire to be installed, encircling the room, and then connected to the sound source. Anyone who has hearing aids equipped with telecoils can use the system without having to wear headphones or wires that may cause some people to feel self-conscious.

Those who have questions may pick up a card in the lobby of the theatre, to help them get started. They can also call Dr. Campbell’s office with questions or comments at 883-4764. Both Galaxy Theatres and Dr. Campbell are excited about offering such a useful service to those who wear amplification in the Carson area, and hope that many people will take advantage of it. New Carson Movie Theater Provides Special
Wireless Listening System for Hearing Aid Users