When people experience hearing loss, the first port of call is hearing aids. These enable individuals to hear again and hear well. They are a small device that is located in or near the ear, which amplifies sounds.

With there being different preferences and levels of hearing loss, there are several different versions to choose from. Today, we are discussing in-the-ear (ITE) devices vs in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aids. 

What is an ITE Hearing Aid?

An ITE is a common hearing aid device. ITE stands for in the ear, which describes its positioning. 

The in the ear style hearing aids are to born in the ear, not in the canal. Instead, these are to be positioned in the small drum just inside the ear. These offer comfort and discretion. They are typically small and are custom designed to fit in the ear so that they fit perfectly and offer all-day comfort. 

Due to their positioning, an ITE is easy for a user to take in and out. They are most suitable for those experiencing minor to mild hearing loss. However, if a person has a small ear dexterity or has more severe hearing loss, another type of hearing aid might be necessary. 

In contrast to an ITE is a BTE, which stands for behind the ear. These work similar to ITE’s but are located in a different position. BTE’s are more traditional hearing aids, which are ideal for minor hearing loss. The reason people choose ITE’s over BTE’s in the modern day is due to discretion. Also, ITE’s pick up less wind noise due to their positioning. 

What is an ITC Hearing Aid?

An ITC hearing aid is a device that sits within the ear canal. ITC stands for in the canal, which means a user positions the small device just within the ear canal. 

Only one part of the hearing aid sits in the canal, a small part sits outside for ease of use. Unlike a CIC, which sits completely in the canal, an ITC device can be seen. 

The ITC hearing aid device is most suitable for those who want more discretion or have more severe hearing loss. 

What are the Key Differences?

Although both devices are to be worn within the ear and offer similar sound amplifying features, there are some key differences between an ITE and ITC hearing aid. 

An ITE is larger and more versatile than an ITC. They are considered to be easier to use due to them being easy to take in and out of the ear. As an ITC sits within the canal, it can be more difficult for those with small canals to wear them. 

Both devices are for those experiencing mild to moderate hearing loss, yet an ITC will offer reduced wind noise due to its positioning. An ITC is considered a little more powerful than an ITE.

Overall, ITE’s and ITC’s are ideal for those with mild-to-moderate hearing loss. They are both custom-designed by an audiologist to suit the individual’s ear size and shape. They are also comfortable and discreet.