Hearing loss can present itself in a number of different ways, and this can subsequently make it a little tricky to diagnose. However, there are several signs and symptoms that you should look out for if you believe that you may be experiencing hearing loss. If you spot any of these signs or symptoms in your daily life or health and want to find support, then it’s important that you can take the opportunity to contact an audiologist.

Lack of Clarity in Background Noise

One of the key symptoms that you should aim to look out for when attempting to identify if you have hearing loss is a lack of clarity when background noise is apparent. A perfect example could be when you’re sitting down to eat in a busy restaurant – do you find it easy to pinpoint the voices of your friends and family, or does the buzz of background noise make it difficult to detect what they are saying?

Difficulty Contributing to Social Situations

Another symptom that you can expect to experience when you have hearing loss is difficulty contributing to social situations. If you cannot hear the conversation clearly, this can cause you to stop speaking or contributing due to fear or embarrassment. Many people who experience hearing loss retreat into themselves during social situations, as they do not want to seem as though they are purposefully ignoring or misunderstanding others.

Trouble Understanding Complex Words

Long and complex words can be troublesome for those with hearing loss to understand, as several syllables or a repetition of letters can cause confusion. Unless spoken clearly without any background noise, complex words can be a stumbling block for those who experience hearing loss.

Turning the TV or Radio to Full Volume

Do you often find that you turn up the volume on your TV or radio to full blast so that you can enjoy the program? Many people who experience hearing loss find it hard to understand or enjoy television or radio shows unless they are on the highest volume, and your family or friends may frequently point out that they have the volume too loud for their liking.

Asking Others to Regularly Repeat Themselves

Regularly requesting repetition during a conversation is another symptom of hearing loss. Misunderstanding or not hearing what someone is trying to tell you can be very stressful, especially in a work environment when you feel as though you are asking people to repeat what they are saying time and time again. This can lead to difficulty contributing to social situations as discussed earlier, as many people do not enjoy having to ask for repetition during a conversation

Trouble Speaking on the Telephone

The crackled tone and lack of complete clarity on a telephone call can be troublesome for those who experience hearing loss, and it can be tough for them to fully understand what the speaker is saying. Speaking on the telephone may be something that you actively avoid if you have hearing loss, as misunderstanding words and having to ask others to repeat themselves can become tiresome.