Hearing loss can occur for a variety of reasons, such as exposure to loud noises, trauma to the ear, getting older or medical conditions. As there are multiple potential causes, it is possible to prevent hearing loss in some cases. If you’re eager to protect your hearing and maintain your hearing function, take a look at these top tips for preventing hearing loss:

Avoid excessive noise

It’s well-known that exposure to excessive noise levels can cause hearing loss. To prevent noise-induced hearing loss, it’s important to ensure you’re not exposed to sounds that are loud enough to damage your ears. Even wearing headphones at their maximum volume can be enough to cause hearing loss, so take steps to ensure you have volume safety limits set.

Monitor sound levels

A sound level monitor is an easy way to keep track of the noise in your environment. At work, for example, you may become accustomed to noisy surroundings without realizing the damage it is causing to your ears. By using a decibel meter or sound level monitor, you can ensure the noise does not exceed a safe level.

Treat infections quickly

In some instances, ear-related medical issues can cause hearing loss, particularly if they’re not treated swiftly. If you develop symptoms of an ear infection, it’s important to consult your doctor as soon as possible so that appropriate treatment can be obtained. This reduces the risk of complications occurring and can help to protect your hearing function.

Wear ear protection

Ear protection is an effective way of protecting your hearing, even in loud or noisy environments. If you work with machinery, your job may mean that you’re routinely exposed to loud noises. By wearing ear defenders or earplugs, you can minimize the noise that your ears are exposed to and prevent them from being damaged. As a result, your current hearing function can be maintained.

Visit your audiologist

Regular hearing tests will identify hearing loss as soon as it occurs, which is why it’s important to have routine check-ups. Your audiologist can ensure that any reduction in your hearing function is diagnosed swiftly and investigate the potential cause. Furthermore, you can obtain any treatment or assistance you need to prevent further damage to your ears and retain the hearing function you still have.

Avoid using cotton swabs

People tend to assume that it’s safe to clean your ears using cotton swabs. However, these should never be used within the ear canal itself as they can injure the delicate hair-like cells which are critical for hearing. To prevent hearing loss, always visit your audiologist rather than attempting to resolve issues at home.

Protect your hearing function

Although you can’t prevent all types of hearing loss, there are ways to protect and maintain your hearing function. Taking preventative measures can stop noise-induced hearing loss from occurring. By learning more about the noise levels that can damage your ears, having regular hearing checks and taking active steps to reduce the risk of injury, you can successfully protect your hearing function.