According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), hearing loss is the third most common condition affecting Americans each year, and it’s one of the top causes of work-related illnesses.

Some people assume that hearing loss only affects seniors, but the truth is that it can impact everyone – irrespective of their age. Moreover, the causes are often preventable.

The Importance of Preventing Hearing Loss

From an early age, most people rely on their hearing to help them navigate the world and understand what others are saying in conversations. The trouble is that gradual hearing loss can result in loss of confidence in social situations and frustration at not understanding what’s happening. Plus, it could even end some careers.

There’s also another reason why preventing hearing loss is so important: you will diminish the risk of medical conditions like heart problems from manifesting themselves. You might not realize it, but many people who experience hearing loss could easily have prevented it from happening by taking some precautionary measures at work or socially.

How To Prevent Hearing Loss at Work

Sadly, many Americans find they develop hearing loss in the workplace. Did you know that workers in almost all occupations face some noise exposure each day that could cause permanent damage to their hearing? You might think only specific occupations where workers use heavy machinery might experience hearing loss. However, it can often occur in safer environments, such as offices and retail stores.

It makes sense to measure the level of noise you get exposed to with something as simple as a noise level meter app on your smartphone. If the noise levels are above 85 decibels, take precautionary steps to protect your hearing, such as:

  • Wearing ear protection
  • Limiting your time in noisy environments
  • Asking your employers to replace noisy equipment with quieter alternatives.

How To Prevent Hearing Loss Socially

It’s also possible to prevent hearing loss in social settings. Some people expose themselves to loud noises and sounds regularly, but they do so outside the workplace. Which ways will ensure you don’t get exposed to loud noises and sounds that could damage your hearing? One example is to avoid going to loud music concerts or events and venues such as nightclubs.

Another idea is to keep the volume down when listening to music or your television at home and avoid sitting close to speakers.

Are You Experiencing Hearing Loss?

Preventing hearing loss at work or in social situations is relatively easy to do for the most part.

If you feel that you might be experiencing hearing loss, such as struggling to hear people talk where there is background noise, it makes sense to schedule an appointment with an audiologist.

An audiologist can check for any obstructions in your ears and conduct hearing tests to diagnose any hearing loss, and if necessary, recommend devices like hearing aids to help you improve your hearing.

Is hearing loss preventable? In many cases, the answer is yes. While it’s true that everyone experiences hearing loss as they age, it can also occur prematurely due to environmental factors.

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